Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Battle of Annapolis!

To all this may concern:

On this 19th day of December, General Johnson of the 4th Brigadier Battalion and Commander Lee of the Southern Attack Force attempted and successfully scouted the southern borders in the Providence of Annapolis, Maryland. They encountered a trio of Carrier Pigeons, and successfully shot all but one of the birds down. They then refreshed themselves in the Annapolis Brigadier Quarters, until summoned for another mission.

Outside the Quarters, they discovered a fake rock, which was partially intact. Inside the rock, they found coiled chicken wire, and a de-fused Atomic Hand Grenade. They collected the items to bring to the Quarters for further inspection. While trekking across German Territory, they were highly vulnerable to ground assault. About halfway to their destination, they were ambushed by a trio of German Shepherds and their German Owners. They successfully defeated the assault, with no further harm.

While resting after the battle, they were again assaulted by a crashing Japanese Kamikaze. After avoiding the Kamikaze, they scouted the burning vessel, only to find its occupants no longer among the living. Exhausted, the General and Commander finally set off to return to HQ.

While trekking back to HQ, they were assaulted by a battalion of German Shepherds. Johnson stayed back, while firing his Carbonated .30. Lee braved forward, brandishing his iron hatchet. They both succeeded their missions, but Johnson was downed by a shot to his leg. Lee was greatly injured by a large shard of exploding shrapnel, which pierced his bullet guard, and penetrated deeply into his higher back.

Finally, Lee and Johnson survived the short journey to HQ, where they were rushed to the hospital. The two soldiers had braved the worst of the war, and are likely to be commemorated and honored greatly in the years to come. 2 weeks later, Lee is up and walking again, with the help of a walker. Unfortunately, he is having trouble running, and also is somewhat mentally challenged. Johnson is back in motion, completely healed except for a slight fracture in his right forearm.

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