Sunday, January 10, 2010

Football Season Coming to an End

I hope you are having a great weekend, unlike me! First, I had a terrible sore throat and the chills, so I decided to go to the Doctor. The Doctor did some check-up-like tests on me, and finally announced that I was going to have to go the Hospital, because it could not be a normal Sore Throat. At the Hospital, I had various blood tests, took a nap, and then my gruesome day ended with a half hour attached to a plastic back and a needle stuck in my arm, called an IV, or something. For your information, I'd like to announce that I am completely healed and once again blogging!

Now to the Football Season. In a recent post, General Johnson announced that he, like I, had enjoyed watching the 2 Play-Off games yesterday. The Jets defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in a fantastic game, with Mark Sanchez, winning his first Play-Off game! Unfortunately, the Bengals were not so fortunate. It was their first play-off game since 2005, and their fans were heart-broken to see such a great team defeated in the first round. Something silly I and my Father were joking about during the game was, on the Bengals, there was a STAR receiver with the last name of Ochocinco! If any of you readers speak a tad of Spanish like me, you would notice that Ocho Cinco in Espanol (Spanish) Means 8-5, which is also his number! Also, the Philadelphia Eagles were defeated by the Dallas Cowboys. Sadly, I cannot provide many details because I was not awake to see the game. Right now, the Baltimore Ravens are playing the New England Patriots. The score is 14-0, with the Ravens in lead. See you at the game! ;)
Dallas Cowboys helmet

-Commander Lee


  1. Hey Johnson,
    I'd like to inform you that I will need you to either email or phone me a username and password for, which is where I will get us a View Counter and Cluster Map. Thanks.


  2. just telling that i don`t have acount. I think SR does though ask him please thanks
    General Jonhson